Tennessee Southeastern Ball

Morristown, Tennessee

Tournament Rules for the players are listed at the bottom of this page.

 Last year's July 4th Baseball Tournament was a great success.  Nestled in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the ping of our power hitting echoed through the hills.  In the evenings, card games, swimming, firecrackers and cow tipping permitted the young men of Greenbelt to relax and develop team spirit.  The unfortunate incident with an electric fence, during the cow pasture adventure, was the only inconvenience.  And parents: Dr. Skippy Smith will be the evenings entertainment with shows beginning promptly at 10pm followed by psychiatric, mind control sessions for the disturbed, confused and insensitive.



Hotel Information:





This is for the Southeastern Ball Tournament for June 30, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 2004.

For Parents: Mention the "Greenbelt Post 136 Team" to get the $55.00 rate.  The contact at the Hotel is: Brenda Hazelwood, Assistant Manager.

She is holding fourteen double rooms for parents who are responsible for making their own reservations. They must make reservations prior to June 15, 2003. After that date, any rooms not reserved from the block will automatically cancel.  The rate for those rooms will be $55.00 plus tax per room.

Welcome to the City of Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, TN

Tournament Rules:

1.  The Coaches are not Baby Sitters.

2.  Curfew is 12 Midnight.  Players must be in their rooms.  One toe out of the room is a violation and will result in a one day suspension.  This includes being thrown out of the room by a room mate.

3.  Fireworks are legal in some counties in Tennessee.  Beware of local laws.  No fireworks before 10am or within 100 feet of the Hotel.  Violation will be a one day suspension.

4.  No Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs.  Anyone found with anything will be sent home immediately.  No second chances. 

5.  No one, not associated with the team is allowed in player rooms.  No Greenbelt player is allowed in rooms not associated with the team.

6.  Players should not have their own cars.

7. Take care of your room.  You are responsible for any damage.  When you leave it will look exactly the same as when you arrived and clean.