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Coach Prange's Post Season Story

Coach Prange played baseball at Potomac High School from 1979 to 1981 where he graduated, and his coach...was Coach Charlie Sullivan.  He is now in his 16th year at DeMatha as Outfield Coach.  He attributes everything he has learned about the game of baseball from Coach Sullivan during the last 24 years.  As a talented instructor, he demonstrates and teaches to the players the skills, both physically and mentally, they need to master the game and become top competitors.  Coach Prange is a baseball junkie and is tight with the Washington Senators Frank Howard.

After the DeMatha season is over, Coach Prange continues with the DeMatha winning tradition, turning into Head Coach of the 2002 Maryland State Champion, Greenbelt American Legion Post #136 team.  Last season, the team finished 44-3 in the Mid Atlantic Regionals.  Over the last four years, he coached the team to an impressive record of 129 wins and 33 losses.

"If you ever see me on a baseball field with my fungo and there is a bucket of baseballs nearby, you better start running and get to the fence.  Expect to stay there until the bucket is empty.  If you are a catcher, then just stay where you are and look directly overhead.  The ball will be right above your nose.  Catch the ball.  I am the Fungo Master."

No matter how steep the incline, the journey begins with one step.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

Never use my Fungo in batting practice.

"This is the Beach.  The Orlando airport is the other way.  What is Larry doing?!"  "Coach,...Larry wanted to see the water."